• NeribiOm was founded in 2017 and has focused its research efforts on the role of gut microbiota in neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative diseases. The company is advancing its lead programs from biochemical in vitro assays to in vivo studies and is looking for partners to accelerate these programs to clinical development.
  • NeribiOm attended "Les Rendez -vous Carnot 2017", October 2017 Paris-France.
  • ​NeribiOm attended "Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 2017" and to conduct partnering discussions, October 2017, Paris-France.
  • NeribiOm attended "5th microbiome R&D & Business,2sd Probiotics Congress", Rotterdam, March 2018
  • NeribiOm attended "Probiotics", Budapest, June 2018
  • NeribiOm attended "Gut-brain-axis Microbiome", BiotechPharma Summitt, Paris, September 2018
  • NeribiOm attended Mood Mind Microbes, Amsterdam, January 2019




  • NeribiOm is actively seeking strategic partnerships/funds to accelerate its research.
  • NeribiOm is a highly differentiated company targeting gut microbiota for treatment and diagnosis of neurodevelopmental (ASD) and neurodegenerative diseases (PD and AD). It has developed three differentiated drug discovery programs. Each program has its own associated biomarkers programs. These are enabling and accelerating technologies for large pharmaceutical companies licenses, partners and acquirers that will play a major role in successfully intervening in costly and debilitating CNS diseases.
  • The company is developing an intellectual property position based on trades secrets, trademarks, and patent applications seeking composition of matter, pharmaceutical formulation, and methods of use.